How to activate your Licence Key

When you receive a license key from purchasing or requesting a trial of an Cryptonovae product, you will need to enter and activate within the software.

Built as a software solution with modular features, Cryptonovae is designed to tackle the needs of crypto and traditional retail traders on the digital assets markets. But most notably it is the solution to finally trade cryptocurrencies efficiently. (source:

In short, it is the middle-man between traders and exchanges that serves two main purposes:

  1. To simplify traders’ experiences
  2. To make a uniform experience between all exchanges

Catering to a broad spectrum of users, Cryptonovae appeals to everyone. Whether you are just entering the crypto market or you are a seasoned trader, the platform has easy tools for every user ranging from basic to highly advanced functions. Furthermore, the platform operates for both DeFi and CeFi trading.

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