Cryptonovae Token ($YAE) Metrics

The Road Ahead

Since inception, our focus has not only been on developing a sophisticated trading tool or transforming the trading standards in crypto, but also on building an ecosystem that wishes to reward and incentivize its community’s loyalty through its functionality.

Therefore, we designed our native token $YAE with the community’s heart and safety in mind and created our tokenomics towards fairness and benefits for our community and long term success of the project.

Cryptonovae’s development is progressive and at an advanced stage, which brings financial sustainability and success within close reach.

The Cryptonovae Token ($YAE)

The Cryptonovae token ($YAE) is an ERC-20 compatible utility token powered by an audited Ethereum smart contract, based on best practices and proven industry standards. It has been created to be the backbone of Cryptonovae’s ecosystem.

$YAE allows the user to interact with the ecosystem — consisting of the software and the marketplace — through its core function as a means of payment. Furthermore, YAE has multiple other applications and provides additional incentives to utilise the service of the ecosystem — to be detailed in this article.

YAE — a multitude of functions and benefits

Users of the trading platform and marketplace can use $YAE as a method of payment. Subscription plan payments will result in locking of the paid tokens for the duration of the subscription.
When Cryptonovae’s own products on the marketplace are purchased using $YAE, a discount will apply. Transactions in $YAE for third-party products will be commission-free for both the buyer and the seller.
Referral Bonus
Cryptonovae offers a referral bonus through an affiliate program, rewarding each referrer with a commission in $YAE, and each referee with subscription discounts.
At regular intervals, Cryptonovae will engage the community through various contests. To give thanks to our users that regularly engage with the platform, to help and boost community cohesion, prizes will be sometimes in YAE tokens.
Token Repurchases
Cryptonovae will reinvest one third of its free-offer revenue flow to buy back $YAE tokens on the market. Tokens will then be used in various ways to dynamise and energize the ecosystem and the community.
The tokens will be distributed as a reward for staking $YAE and for trading with an affiliated account. A designated amount will additionally be burned to maintain scarcity and thusly, the investment value of every holder.
Loyalty Program
Cryptonovae will reward its affiliated traders with a $YAE distribution at frequent intervals. One third of the repurchased tokens will be given to the platform’s affiliated users, depending on their trading volume and staking level.

The Loyalty Program will be progressively boosted with the distribution of $YAE from the Affiliated Reward Pool that will occur during the first 3 years.
Holders of $YAE will be able to stake their tokens. Depending on the amount of tokens staked, stakers will receive rankings and obtain relevant benefits — such as free subscription, free indicators, as well as a boost under the Loyalty Program.

On top of these advantages, stakers will get their share of the periodic $YAE distribution: one third of the repurchased tokens will be given to stakers on top of the tokens from the Staking & Rewards Pool, distributed over the course of 120 months.
Token Burns
To always have the best interest of Cryptonovae users, supporters and believers at heart, and to always try and bring more value to $YAE, one third of the repurchased tokens will be burned as part of a continuous process that will eventually redeem the entire supply. Making the token supply more scarce will benefit all token holders.

Token Overview

  • Ticker: $YAE
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 $YAE

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