How to create API keys on Kraken and connect it to Cryptonovae

First thing you need is a Kraken account, if you don't have one, you can create it here.

API keys let you authenticate outside applications like Cryptonovae to draw data from your Kraken account. API keys are required to grab any of private API methods such as account management, trading and funding.

To create an API key:

Step 1:

  • Sign in to your Kraken account
  • Click on your name in the upper-right
  • Click Security then API
  • Click on the Add Key button.

Step 2: Fill the key descripton and press “Create Key” button.

Step 3: Copy/paste your API keys into the Kraken connector fields in the Cryptonovae App, and click “Accept” button.

Step 4: You’ve now connected Kraken to Cryptonovae!

Step 5 Restart Cryptonovae for changes to take effect

Hooray, you connected your Kraken account to CRYPTONOVAE! 🎉
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